We will be doing a loot crate at Westfalia, and we will throw all the funky stuff in there that's really cool but not shop-proof. This will be starting June/July, and we're planning to make one available every 3-4 months, depending on how much demand there is for that sort of thing. 



1x Eary Subscriber item - this can be an alt mini, modification bits, or of course the tears of a gypsy.

2x 65mm+ OR - 4x 32mm spectacular minis, 

1x a 5E booklet with maps, rules and event generators,

1x mixed items that we have yet to figure out, but this will be neither dices, not T-shirts nor GenCon Merch. POTENTIALLY scenery.


You will get exceent value or money and a few unique minis cast in the very best resin.

The Darkest Crate PTI - Early Subscribers

SKU: DC001
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