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The Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony

Gluttony is riding towards the next feast and you can have him knocking at your door! This campaign is now open for pre-orders.

SchwarzBurg 3D Patreon

SchwarzBurg is Westfalia's Patreon for high quality miniatures and terrain for 3D printing. Released miniatures are also avaiable in the shop as 3D prints.

The Elven

Bernhard Hennen's Series of books is coming to the tabletop! The campaign is well funded but you can still place a pre-order.


The invasion of Prussia with a fantasy twist! This project has been fulfilled and the minis are in the shop.

The Shadow of the Weird Wizard

Robert J. Schwalb's ultimate RPG is now fully funded! All parcels have been sent and the minis are in ye olde shoppe.

The Kobold Dungeon

What would you do if your sculptor brings 4 hero puppies home? Right - you'd buy a bunch of fun kobold toys for them to chew on.  And that's essentially what we did by adding 7 Kobolds and then hosting a teeny weeny KS! This has been fulfilled and the minis are in the olde shoppe.

The Dark Tides

Big evil blokes and their minions! This is a fantastic set. The campaign is very well funded and we're already producing the items. This has been fulfilled and the minis are in the shop.

The Dark Ten

We celebrate 10 years of Westfalia with a big bunch of minis! The Fellowship of the trinket, Cannibal Corsairs and Roachmen to name but
a few. This has now been fulfilled!

Mork Borg

Tens of thousands of minis, broken legs, botched HVAC installations... none of that could keep us from wrapping that mammoth project up.
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